Convert 17-48% more users. It's simple.

Get more users successfully connecting more financial accounts. Plug-and-play, low code solution with our pre built, customizable flow for Fintechs.

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On average, 40% of users abandon bank connections

Low connection success rates and poor user experience result in almost half of fintech users dropping off during the onboarding flow and connecting an account. Our AI, conversion focussed UX and coverage drives 17% - 48% more users to successfully connect their financial accounts.

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We normalize data from all aggregators, with a single API

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We normalize data from all aggregators, with a single API

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Conversion is everything

 We built the first and only bank authorisation flow that allows users to authenticate their bank account via text message or email.

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    Direct Response SMS

    Verify micro-deposits for bank authorization with a text message 

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    Direct Response EMail

    Verify micro-deposits for bank authorization through email

  • Crypto + Alternative Investment platforms connected

    Users can connect their crypto wallets, exchanges, and Alternative investment platforms. Access balance and transaction information, all with our single, unified API. 

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    Use Cases

    Fintech solutions for Fintech products

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    Bank Authorization

    More users complete the onboarding flow and successfully connect their accounts with Connect API. Actually, 17-48 percentage points more. Our intelligence layer that supports Plaid, Finicity, Yodlee and more means you're getting the best connection success rates available.

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    Investment Tracking

    The single, unified API combines banks, brokerages, crypto wallets, and exchanges, as well as alternative investment accounts—all in one. Users can seamlessly connect any type of financial account. Collect investment holdings, balances, transaction information, allocations and more.

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